FRESHJUNKIE Racing (FJR) is an endurance event production company specializing in road running races and triathlons.  Currently, FJR produces 16 events annually: 12 in Louisiana, 1 in Mississippi, and 3 in Alabama.  While 13 of the 16 events are company owned events, FJR does offer event services for organizations looking to outsource the production of their running race or triathlon.

FRESHJUNKIE Racing prides itself on attending to the small details.  Because they matter.  We are a production company made up of athletes that produce events for athletes. We know what it means to plan, train for and participate in events and we know what the small details are.  From initial planning, permitting, and overall event operations to graphic design, marketing and video production, we are a complete shop.  We are exhaustive in our preparation and comprehensive in our execution so that athletes can participate in experiential events they will remember for years to come. When the details are handled, FJR is simply a behind the scenes presence.  After all, the event is about the athlete, not us.  Athletes can focus on what they came to do and have confidence our event will surpass expectations.

We work hard, train hard, & race hard and never lose focus on our WHY – the reason we started doing this to begin with – because we love it.